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 I had such a great experience buying my first home with Karen that I can’t help but go into detail about it…

As a first-time home buyer, the only thing I could do was search for houses on the internet. I didn’t know if they were in good or bad neighborhoods. I had no idea what a short-sale was or what the whole process of a short-sale entailed. Completely clueless, I found Karen on yelp and wrote her. My first email to Karen was a huge list of questions about mortgages! She kindly let me know that she was not the person I should be asking those questions to and directed me to find a loan officer. Once I got pre-approved, I wrote back to Karen and we started house hunting. Despite my inexperience, Karen was really encouraging and positive, teaching me the ropes of shopping for a home while being realistic as well — letting me know what I could expect for my price range.

There was one particular home I saw on her search page that I was really excited about but as my first appointment drew near, Karen discovered the house was no longer an active listing. I was upset but understood because it was unlike any other property I had seen in my budget. Knowing how much I liked the property, Karen called the listing agent the morning of our appointment and found out it was actually available!! The listing agent simply hadn’t updated the status. I bet I was one of a few, if not, probably the only person who got a chance to view the property since the previous offer fell through.

It was such a great space that I was insecure about putting in a lower offer than the already low list price but Karen encouraged me to make it anyway and said “what do you have to lose?” After our first appointment, I submitted an offer on my first house.

This was a short-sale. The property had previous offers that for whatever reasons didn’t come through. Because of this, I think the sellers were really eager to get rid of the house so they immediately submitted my offer to the bank. After that first nervous hurdle, the next one was their bank. We waited for 2.5 months and periodically Karen would ping the listing agent for a status update keeping me in the loop so I knew she didn’t forget about me. I had convinced myself that there was no way the bank would accept my low offer. Karen was really knowledgeable and experienced in short-sales. She eased my worries about another buyer swooping in so long as we were in contract. I felt comfortable patiently kicking back and waiting it out. I remember being in a work conference when I got her email telling me that the bank had accepted — I just kind of sat there with my eyes bugged out staring at my email, I could hardly believe it!

After that, things happened quickly! I put in my 30-days at my apt, hired movers, bought a plane ticket for my mom to come up, took off a few days from work and was ready for my new home — thinking, there was NO WAY this wouldn’t close when it was supposed to. Big rookie mistake on my part. Thank goodness, Karen swooped in to save to day. Of course there were revised or missing docs on the seller side all the way up to the final days before closing and Karen stayed on top of everything making sure all parties involved didn’t forget about my case and basically advocating on my behalf in my best interest. She did EXACTLY what you’d want an agent to do that is representing you!!

Many parts were out of her control but thanks to her determination and everyone who worked with her to help push this through, I closed on-time and I didn’t have to reschedule my big weekend because of someone else’s oversights. I’m now happily living in my first home which as it turns out I got at an amazing deal! I couldn’t be happier and so much of this wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for Karen. I highly doubt another agent would’ve fought that hard for me. I could be wrong but I may not find out since the next time I buy a house, I will definitely be house shopping with Karen again!

Elisa H.

A brief intro of myself. I’m a female under 30 and very tight on time, and no one or nothing has ever motivated me to invest my time in writing a review. I have never in my life left any reviews for anyone before until this day. Karen’s a miracle to me.  

Mine was a very small purchase: 1 bedroom condo in an area where I would never put my child in school if I ever had one. Trust me, my price range was very small that I got flaked off by two agents. After being literally dissed by two realtors to even show me homes, I gave up. I knew that it was a great time to buy, but I thought maybe I had to save more money for a down payment and put my self on a high payroll for an agent to take a look at me.

Anyway, I get an email from Karen, who was referred to me by Aaron from Stewart and Soss Mortgage (Thanks Aaron, if it weren’t for you for introducing Karen to me, I would be still sitting in my room brooding), who introduces herself and asks for what kind of place I’m looking for. I didn’t write her back the same day and I get another email the next day asking for a response. I called her back and BOOM~~! We meet up to see the places within two days, I tell her I like these two units, she contacts the sellers ON WEEKENDS, does her homework and get the comps, put in an offer within that day I decide to put in the offer, totally negotiates the prices and gets it a whole LESS than the listed price. (As I told you previously, it was awfully small purchase already and she made it smaller.)  She does that within a blink of an eye and I am already in contract within a week of meeting her. Some crazy story, right?

EFFICIENCY. That’s just Karen. She doesn’t do any of “Please leave your message, I’ll get back to you within one to two business days.” Everything is instant by email. Contacting the sellers, escrow people, loan people, you name it. She will push push push the other parties to do their job by constantly by asking for updates. And of course, you get cc’d like crazy, so you are on top of your case. She doesn’t give you a chance of asking yourself what’s the status.

RESULT. There are things that agents don’t have control over, but I think what’s important is how the agent is on top of your case and pulls your case through. That’s exactly what Karen did. Within about 2 months of first meeting Karen, I have my keys to my new home. I’m a happy camper!

Here’s the thing. The reason why I was so impressed and made me write this long novel about her was because it was amazing that she ALWAYS made me feel like my case was her number one TOP PRIORITY.  Was I buying a mult-million dollar home where it was going to land her with more than 30k commission? Nope, definitely not. Was she a rookie where she needed a guinea pig to build experience? Nope, absolutely not.

She is totally opposite from snobby agents who only smell money. Although her regular base clients are high priced homes, she also takes on small cases like me because she really likes what she does. She has more than fifteen years of experience and darn it, she’s so professional. Karen values you and looks out for you. Let’s just say that she’s the definition of a true agent.

Like I said, it’s your loss if Karen’s not your agent.  If you are looking to buy or sell a home, take mine and other reviewer’s advice and contact her ASAP. You’ll be thankful later.  Thanks for taking your time and reading my ever first review on anyone or anything! *^.^*

Hana P

Karen is WONDERFUL!!! My husband and I were clueless first time home buyers and I am so grateful we found Karen. She helped us step by step with the whole process. We had a limited budget, as well as some strict criteria, but that didn’t stop Karen from finding us a home that we love in a neighborhood that we love. Karen is professional, knowledgeable, sooo nice and fun to work with. One thing I really appreciated about Karen is that she responds to emails within minutes! She is highly, highly recommended!

Lisa H.

I met Karen at a small business to business networking group in January 2008. Over the course of 2008 I got to know Karen quite well. She is professional, ethical, and a WEALTH of information, and willing to share that with just about anyone.

At the end of 2008 I decided to seriously look into buying a home. In the past, I did work with 3 different realtors. I never felt a connection with any of them, and if I am going to spend half a million dollars, I want a relationship with my realtor that is open, honest and above all else, I don’t want to feel pressure to buy anything, especially as I am a first time buyer.

I approached Karen with my desires, and we met for coffee. She explained the process to me, and had me pre-approved. I was pre-approved for 500k, so due to the downturn in the market, single family homes became an option.

We began by looking at fixer uppers, which we quickly realized is NOT for me. Karen did all the work. She would find homes for me, and I would decide if I wanted to see them or not. I did some looking on my own, and again I quickly realized that I didn’t have enough experience as most of my picks were flat out dumps. Karen’s experience in the real estate industry proved invaluable as I relied on her to find potential homes that fit my desires. Towards the end, Karen found a home listed as a short sale for me. I walked into this house and was like wow. I made an offer. It was accepted. 6 months later, I moved in!

The short sale process it quite a nightmare. I don’t have enough time to go into it right now, but if you aren’t willing to be patient and roll the dice, don’t make an offer on a short sale.

Karen was nothing but professional though the whole experience. Not once did I have to wonder what was going on. She emailed and called me consistently with updates, and held my hand through the whole process. If I called her, she called me back. If I had a question, she had an answer. If I had a concern, Karen addressed it. She went over and above what I feel is expected of your agent to make me feel comfortable and happy. Not once did I question her motives. I trust Karen 100%.

As a small business owner myself, I realize that it is ALL about relationships, and I hold the bar high both for myself, and the people that I choose to do business with. I have found a real estate agent with experience, who understands her clients needs, who listens and who is proactive, and I will use Karen again for my next home purchase, and most certainly will refer her to anyone who is looking for an honest, trustworthy experienced agent.

If you would like to talk to me more about Karen, feel free to give me a call anytime. I would be happy to share my experience with you.

Joel Gilmore
Gilmore IT Solutions
(408) 414-4495

I worked with Karen List on getting my first house just 6 months ago.  She was really easy going and easy to work with.  I told her what kind of house I wanted and what my price range was and she found many different places that fit my .  She also payed close attention to what area I wanted to live in.  When I finally got a house narrowed down and received a counter offer she stayed on top of things always calling me to update me, and always calling the loan agent to check for status updates. She made sure that the bank and my loan agent worked in a timely fashion;  made sure they were on schedule so my loan did not close late.  My loan did not close on time because of the loan agent and she worked with the loan agency to reduce my cost in half.  She is very personable and will use her when I sell this place for sure.  I would recommend her to any and all of my friends.   

Thank you,

 Genevieve Martinez

I LOVE Karen! She is seriously the best real estate agent EVER! My husband and I were searching for a single family home in particular areas and were in a competitive price range. Not to mention we were also FHA buyers. Karen showed us homes only in the areas we wanted to live in and made sure she never wasted our time looking at homes we would not be interested in. She worked day and night for us and was always available when we needed her. She always communicated with us and kept us in the loop with what was going on. Even when there weren’t any new houses on the market to look at, she would email us and let us know that she was still on the lookout for us. She found us a cute home in a great neighborhood and we definitely couldn’t have done it without her. We not only consider Karen our real estate agent but a great friend and will continue to keep in touch with her. If you choose Karen as your real estate agent, I promise you will not regret it!
Marcia Wada


Karen List just helped us purchase a home, and she was an amazing help!

As first time home buyers, we were not all that familiar with all the logistics of the purchase process but Karen was definitely there to walk us through everything. She provided great advice, whether it was about particular neighborhoods; costs of repairs; or how to work with the lenders, she always offered her advice in a very objective and helpful manner.

She also made herself available to us at all times. We constantly called and emailed questions and concerns about homes, lenders, the title company and would receive her feedback very quickly. I even recall calling her on Easter and her taking time out of her family day to help us out with our issue. She was very flexible with times to meet as well as locations, and even came to our work to drop of some information to us.
Karen also made sure to take care of us through the entire lender process. She was very helpful in making sure the processor moved along our file and that all the necessary information was provided. And when the processor began making errors on our documents, Karen was there to look out for our best interest since we were not familiar with how things worked.

Words cannot explain how thankful we are that we chose Karen as our realtor. She was professional, courteous, understanding, and a tremendous help to us. She understood from the onset what we were looking for and was able to narrow our search to exactly what we were interested in. She has been in the real estate business for a while and truly understands how it works.

Please feel confident in choosing her as your realtor because she will definitely do a great job!

 Tanya Flores

Karen was a referral from one of my friends and she is very professional and experienced. Her approach to home search and home purchasing process was assertive but not too pushy. When she says you are her “client”, she means “client”. She always thinks on your behalf and protecting the buyer is her top priority. Karen is highly recommended and here is why…

1) Super on top of things and “pushy” in a good way – Karen will give you constant updates on your home purchasing process. If you want to know the status of things every step of the way, she will constantly inform you of the details and where things are. She is extremely proactive about follow-up and drives the closing process.

2) Accommodating based on your needs – Throughout the home search, we changed our preferences and criteria several times based on market conditions. Karen was very flexible in accommodating our changes and revised her focus accordingly. She understands that our tastes are changing and supported our decision making process.

3) Technically savvy and accessible – Karen uses every technology channel possible to communicate with you. From email to text to automated searches to digital signatures, Karen uses the most effect channel of communication to get in touch with you. She is always a text message away whenever you want to reach her.

Overall, my home search process was long but the closing was very smooth. Thanks Karen for getting us our home!

Jennifer T

I just want to chime in to say how much I enjoy receiving Karen’s e-mail updates! Every time I receive one of her mails, I get so much from them. They inform me of the state of the market, let me know what is selling and what is not and provide all the detail in an easy-to-read and understand manner.  And no, I do not work for Karen. We’ve had contact in the business world, and I felt compelled to talk about what a great experience it’s been!

Her e-mails present a professional image, yet are personable, congenial and extraordinarily informative.  While I am not currently in the market for a property, I’m certain to know someone who may be as I go about my business and personal life and thought others could benefit from knowing about her.  

Kathy D
Fremont, CA

Id give Karen a Billion stars daily If it were Possible—I cant imagine selling a house without Karen List.

I had absolutely nothing to worry about and I felt so good after the transaction. She left no stone unturned and was there Every Step of the way—I really couldn’t ask for more. She was a Friend all throughout the entire house hunting and selling experience. I wish Everyone had a Realtor like her. There was absolutely NO pressure to do anything, I just trusted her and she really delivered.  

I really really appreciate everything she has done for me and my family.
Selling your house can be tough and really trying but with Karen we found everything to be a piece of Cake! Thanks for being SO patient Karen!

All the Best,
Trazo Family :)

Karen also helped me buy my first home. Couldn’t ask for anybody better. She was nice and really helpful through every stage of the process.

Didn’t pressure me to buy and if I didn’t like the homes I saw, she would go back and find new ones.  That’s one of the important things I liked about Karen. No pressure. If the home you see isn’t what you want, look at some more.

Not like one of those agents that want to get their customers to do a quick buy, she does take time and effort to see what her customers want. Explains every step so you know what you are getting into when you are buying a home.

I recommend her and hope you have the same experience I have received from having Karen as my agent.

Rex K

Karen List is so AMAZING!!!!!!
I know because I have done 4 transactions (buying and selling a home) with her and I am working on my 5th transaction. She has always been professional, knowledgeable, and great at listening to my concerns and circumstances. She has ALWAYS looked out for my best interest and I TRUST her completely! Her 14 plus years of experience has earned her the skills to understand the market.

Karen is Awesome…But I invite you to see for yourself.

Deeva C.

I checked out a few other agents but decided to go with her because she was quick to respond to my emails even if I wrote in the evening or on the weekend. She was also very patient and thorough when answering all of my first time buyer questions. She was professional and rolled with my indecisiveness on what I was looking for. She never pressured me to buy and made sure that I wasn’t going to be house-poor. She has a wealth of information and contacts.  She took care of every part of the home buying process for me so there was very little stress and phone calling on my part. She made sure all the ducks were lined up in a row and doing what they were supposed to do in a timely manner.  I would definitely use Karen again when I sell and buy again.

Amarilla T

Words CANNOT describe how superb Karen List is as a professional realtor that deliver top-notch world class service!
A couple of months ago I was considering buying a condo.
Karen is not a friend’s referral.
I just took our fellow yelper’s advice and picked Karen as my realtor because of the high ratings and the good things I read about Karen.

From the first day we went to condo, Karen did everything she promised.
Did I mention she was awesome and surperb and friendly and awesome?

She looks out for her clients from start to finish- I got follow up emails even when she was on vacation in a resort.
She is never pushy.
She is always on time for her appointments.

She is always informative, has a lot of positive energy, along with her no BS attitude, oh my, this is exactly what everyone should be looking for as a realtor.

From day one to closing, she is there for me.

After the seller accepted our offer, Karen kept me very informed about the time line of what I need to do from day 1 to closing.
As a first time buyer, her knowledge and advices are extremely valuable.

Overall, a 6 stars experience, out of 5 stars.  : )

Call her now!  I can’t tell you how great she is.

Edmond T

My wife and I recently purchased a house with the help of Karen.  We are first-time home buyers and knew next to nothing about the process.  Karen explained everything from escrow to closing costs.  She helped us get the house at under the asking price … in Silicon Valley … unheard of!  

Not only that but she also was more knowledgeable about mortgages than our actual loan officer.  She saved us thousands of dollars by correcting a mistake the loan officer had made.

She was available whenever we needed her and could answer anything we threw at her.  Perfect!

Bob B

5-years ago I and my wife were looking to buy our 1st home and Karen made it very pleasant experience to get us the home we felt most comfortable to buy.

We were very careful buyers and Karen took great pains to gain our trust. After seeing many homes we made and won the bid for a very nice looking home in Almaden Valley, however after inspections we dropped out. Next we saw few more homes and made and won bid for yet another nice looking home in Evergreen. After inspections we dropped out of the same too. During this period Karen’s support to us was truely inspirational and exemplary.

Finally we did buy a beautiful home in Evergreen and have been enjoying living there for last 5 years. Thank you Karen – we couldn’t have accomplished buying the home we wanted ,and keeping our peace of mind intact , without your true support.

Ripu Daman G

A Realtor with heart, brains, and passion.  This is what you get with Karen List.  She gives great advice when it comes to selling or buying a house.  she has given me several information about the housing market without asking for anything back in return so that Amber girl is just wrong to think that Karen is selfish.

Karen treats each transaction as if it was hers, but with your needs in mind.  She works hard for you.  I appreciate her help in every way. Thank you Karen List.

Dorob C

We purchased our current home with Karen’s help. She helped us find a home which matched our needs. Since then a few of our friends have used her  to purchase/sell homes. She is a good listener and is very creative when it comes to writting up offers. She had a lot of good relations with other relators which helped a friend get a home in a multiple bid situation at a very good price.
We highly  recommed Karen. She works with integrity and is a pleasure to work with.

Moki A

Karen is absolutely awesome. She helped me buy my first home a few years back, when I know NOTHING about buying a house. She taught me what I needed to know, and my whole home buying experience went extremely smoothly. I couldn’t be happier with her service! She took care of every single little detail, all I had to do was basically sign some papers and boom! I have a house! Karen referred me to loan officers, house inspectors, and whoever other contact I needed, and ALL of her referrals were great. I depended on her service totally during the whole process, and she proved that she is worth my trust every single time.

I would definitely recommend Karen to all my friends and anyone else who’s looking for buying / selling a house.

Ronald L

Karen worked very hard to find me my first home in 2004. We must have seen 30+ prospects. She listens to the client’s needs and is flexible when they change. I am very happy with the home and area I do now live in and am positive I would not be if I had used a different real estate agent.
Highly recommended.


We used Karen List to help us look for houses in the East Bay area. We had a range of constraints related to Vaasthu (Indian equivalent of Feng-Shui), and we were amazed at how Karen spent a lot of time understanding our requirements and then very diligently sifting through all available houses to only show us houses that fit our requirements. She would go and see houses physically (since it is hard to understand Vaasthu constraints without actually seeing the house), and then only ask us to see a house if it met our criterion. She is a wonderful person and we would recommend her to anyone looking for an agent in the Bay Area.

Sudha K

Karen was great.  I have bought and sold two houses here in the south Bay.  My first buying experience was with another realtor.  I sold that home and bought and sold a second home with Karen.  So I’m a repeat customer of her’s.  I recommend her to my friends and co-workers, repeatedly.  

Not only does she approach the transaction as a business proposition and help you understand and be prepared for each step, she also took the time to understand what our family’s goals and needs were.

She helped us arrange for a timely sale on the first home and worked with us on locating what was pretty much our dream home and did it while staying within our price range.  She didn’t try to push us into that next price bracket or attempt to hurry the buying process.  She was very patient with us.  

Finally, she didn’t leave us once the sale was completed.  There were some details that came up after the sale and Karen stepped up and handled almost all of it herself with her team.  I was very glad she was there as who needs one more stressful item when you’re already dealing with everything else that is involved with selling your home and moving.

I’d give her an extra credit star if I could.

Eric B

My husband and I went through two real estate agents and a lot of wasted time before we met  Karen List . Karen is a great real estate agent and makes sure everything is done in a professional and timley manner. You can’t go wrong with Karen, she know’s what she is doing and she does it well, I give her 5 stars.


Karen was extremely helpful throughout the whole process of selling our house.  She is very knowledgeable of the market and the buying and selling process, and she’s quick to respond with any questions or suggestions.   Her integrity and attention to detail allowed us to trust her throughout the home sale process.  I would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone needing to either buy or sell a home in the Bay area.

Lori F

Karen sold our Gilroy home in May 2007 in just 5 days!!  She did her homework, looking at the competiion in the neighborhood and suggesting a competetive price.  She kept us apprised of every detail and was available by phone or email all the time. She was fair, professional and prompt.  Her team of stagers, photographers, inspectors, etc.  were also very professional and were wonderful to work with.  Her expertise and professionalism enabled us to pursue our dreams more quickly than we imagined.  I highly recommend Karen  when buying or selling your home.  You won’t be sorry!!

Tina M

Karen is an excellent professional who went beyond the call of duty to help me get into my first home. She went thru every step of the home buying process with me, the do’s and don’t in my first home purchase. Very knowledgable, friendly and above all else, a good listener and patient.

I can’t wait to have her help me in my second home purchase. She is all thumbs up, very highly recommended.

Francis K

We just bought our first home in the bay area, and the whole process was a great, hassle free experience. Karen is a thorough professional, very quick to email us listings which matched our criterion, had answers to all our questions, was always very good with her follow-ups. With Karen there is no pressure to make a decision asap. My husband and I were most impressed with her ability to take our calls and answer our emails immediately irrespective of the time of the day.
  She was very useful through the closing procedure as well. She reminded us of every small detail like transferring our utilities to our new address. I think its the attention to small details like these which makes her a great realtor.
  As a first time buyer, her services were extremely useful, and i will not hesitate in recommending Karen to anyone interested in buying a home. We’re enjoying the feeling of being home-owners, but we’re already sure that the next time we’re ready to buy/sell, Karen’s the person we’ll turn to!

Mita P

Karen is a true professional and is always available for her clients needs. She helped us find the perfect home within our parameters and was very patient and helpful through the entire process. We could not be happier with her service and would happily recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell their home!!

Wendy K 

Karen List is the superwoman of real estate. My wife and I actually found her on Yelp and it was the best thing that ever happened to us. We had been working with another agent that kept showing us houses in neighborhoods that we weren’t interested in, even after we told him numerous times, it was just an awful experience. So we turned to Yelp and found Karen on here. We were first time home buyers and she held our hands through the whole entire process. She even came to the house that we were purchasing to help us scrape and paint over some peeling paint in order to meet some condition from the lender. Thats what you call dedication to your clients. How many agents would actually come straight from the office in their work clothes in the morning and get dirty and help paint. She listened to all of our needs and wants from the very beginning. My wife and I were looking for a specific type of home in specific neighborhoods and she didn’t waste our time trying to show us houses in areas that we didn’t like. She is very knowledgable at what she does, I mean all of her awards speaks for themselves. She is incredibly fast in returning emails, phone calls and updating us, I don’t how she does it! I would totally recommend her to anyone buying a home, I promise you that you will not be dissapointed. She knew the answer to every single question that we had and she was totally honest when we asked her for her opinion. She can even recommend contractors for you if you need one. We used her recommendation to update our new home and we are very pleased with all of his work! When the time comes along to sell and buy another home, we will definitely use Karen as our real estate agent again! I would give her 20 stars if I could!
Brian Wada
I had a great meeting with Karen just last week and I had to chime in to say that, if you are considering buying a home, Karen List is super knowledgeable! She knows the Bay Area well, but most importantly she seems very attentive to what’s important to you.
Denise H.
We just worked with Karen in purchasing our first house and the experience was great. My wife and I were complete newbies to the housing market and Karen really helped getting us up to speed. She worked with us in helping us identify our exact needs and also helped us prioritize between our various requirements. She constantly sent us information about every aspect of house buying we should be aware of – starting from price trends to mortgage agents. Karen was especially helpful towards the closing of the deal and was on top of every little detail.

I must mention two things that really impressed us about Karen:

– She has an amazing response time :) You can email Karen at 8 in the evening and she will get back to you within 30 minutes – seriously.
– She came across as very honest: There was a house we were not completely sure of but still wanted to place an offer but Karen was very honest about her opinion and made us realize that the house did not meet all our needs. We were very impressed by her honesty.

Thanks Karen

Sagnik N.
Karen is one of Best i ever come across in the real estate area. She SOLD my home in a week with great confidence in May’07. Her dedication and negotiable terms are excellent. In the event my next real-estate event, our only choice will be Karen List.
Selvamuragan K.


I do recommend my friends around me to have her as Realtor.

Cheers,  Selva

Karen List is Awesome!!

My boyfriend and I had been looking at the real estate section on Craigslist for our first home for months until we came across Karen’s website.  We found it very informative and easy to us for both buyers and sellers.  We immediately found several houses we wanted to view and for the next several months Karen took the time to show us homes whenever we asked.  She would also send us emails of homes that fit our criteria.  After two short sale ordeals with horrible seller’s agents, Karen found a beautiful house (REGULAR SALE!!!) that we fell in love with.  It was amazing how quickly things came together.  And she was so good at moving things along with the banks and seller’s agent.  She was even able to talk the seller into paying some roof repairs that were needed.  If it weren’t for Karen, we would probably still be dragging our feet and looking on Craigslist.  I recommend her to anyone buying or selling and we will definitely use her if we ever decide to move again!

Thank you Karen!

Katie C.

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